Wednesday’s letters: Daylight time winter mornings too dark

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It is 8 a.m. and dark outside as I enjoy a cup of coffee with my morning paper.The sun will not rise until 8:49 this morning in Edmonton.

If the province adopts year-round daylight saving time it will be this dark at 9 a.m. and sunrise will not occur until 9:49. In Grande Prairie, sunrise will not occur until 10:20.

The winter mornings are dark enough. I would not appreciate the extra hour of morning darkness that year-round daylight saving would bring.

Holly Bishop, Edmonton

Against year-round DST? Let MLA know

Earlier this year, the Government of Alberta decided to postpone a decision on whether to move to permanent daylight saving time but will likely reconsider this next year.

I encourage all Albertans to take a quick look outside between 7:30 and 8:00 any morning. If we had permanent daylight saving time, this is how dark it would be from 8:30–9 a.m. for December and January mornings. Sunrise in Edmonton now is about 8:45 a.m.; if we were on permanent daylight saving time, that would become 9:45 a.m.

Because Alberta is in the western part of the mountain time zone, the impact of permanent daylight saving time in our province is not the same as in Saskatchewan.

A poll of a small number of Albertans last year suggested permanent daylight saving time was favoured by the majority. If you disagree, I encourage you to let your MLA know.

Barry Litun, Edmonton

City has a maintenance deficit

Five burned-out street lights in one small neighbourhood multiplied by the hundreds of neighbourhoods we have, and you have a massive maintenance deficit. I’ve reported well over 30 burned out/cycling street lights these past six months, and none have been repaired, so I’ve stopped wasting my time reporting them or caring.

The same lack of response to graffiti reports, illegally parked vehicles, and you quickly realize the city has lots of money for political projects: library renovation, bike lanes, e-bike rebates, but nothing for bread-and-butter issues, like potholes and street light repairs. Hopefully electors will remember this and toss the whole lot out of office next October.

R.C. Rolf, Edmonton

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