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All the top headlines at a glance

1) A fire has broken out in Hargeisa, Somalia’s second largest city.
2) A new report suggests that as many as 10,000 people die every year due to a lack of clean water.
3) The United States government is planning to give $5 million in funding for Haiti’s first post-earthquake presidential election.
4) The UN Security Council has lifted sanctions against Eritrea and called on Eritreans abroad to return home.
5) Members of the Somali political opposition have been holding talks with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu.
6) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn says his country plans to introduce democracy by 2020.

7) A referendum will be held in Cameroon on October 7th to decide whether English should become the sole official language.

8) Burkina Faso police say they foiled an assassination attempt targeting Prime Minister Soumah Ouedraogo last night.

9) Benin holds its first parliamentary elections since 1960 today following an interim president who stepped down after just 18 months in office due to protests over high prices and a lack of jobs.
10) Opposition leaders are calling for protests today following reports that Zimbabwean soldiers opened fire on unarmed civilians yesterday during anti-government demonstrations.

11) Kenya’s Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu claims she was tortured while detained by Kenyan authorities last week.

12) Ugandan authorities claim they have recovered ivory worth $3.2 million in Kampala this morning, arresting two suspects believed to be part of an international smuggling ring.

13) Al Qaeda militants in Yemen seize control of Zinjibar – their third major victory there this month – despite airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies against Islamist fighters there.

14) Mozambique President Armando Guebuza has died aged 74 years old from cancer; he led the southern African nation for 10 years before stepping down at the end of his term earlier this month.

Extended TV and radio news

This is a live update of all of today’s news, with Tyra Banks. The US has officially taken over the U.A.E and is now in charge of all military operations within their borders. We’ll have more on that after this break.

In other news, an earthquake hit in Bolivia earlier today, but there are no reports yet on how many casualties it caused or how much damage was done to the region.

And finally, we’re learning more about what happened with last night’s shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida where 17 people were killed and 14 others injured when a shooter opened fire during dismissal time at the school.

Analysis, comment and opinion

Ae.eAetaa pair of bombings in central Mogadishu killed at least twenty people and injured more than thirty.

The first explosion took place near a busy market. The second was about an hour later and targeted security officials, who are meant to be securing the city.

It is unclear who carried out these attacks but it is widely believed that Al-Shabaab were behind them. As a result of this, the Somali government has declared three days of mourning and promised to take measures to protect civilians going forward. Al-Shabaab have been carrying out frequent attacks in Mogadishu since they were pushed out by African Union peacekeepers in 2011, who then withdrew last year following a surge in violence as Somalia continues to face an insurgency by extremists linked to Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

All local news

  1. A new business has opened in town and is offering free food to people who say that they are hungry. The owner says that it is a way to give back to the community, but there have been complaints because this could take away business from other local eateries.
  2. An international school has been accused of discriminating against students with disabilities by not providing them with appropriate accommodations for their needs.
  3. There’s been a spike in crime lately and police aren’t sure why this might be happening, but they’re asking for help in solving these cases by reporreporting committed in our comcomtingtted in our arngttedn our arngttngttedn outing any information or leads you might have about any crimes committed in our area.
  4. 4. Local musician Prakash Raghav recently released a new album of his original songs and is set to perform at an upcoming concert next week at KMPL Concert Hall.
  5. He says that he wants listeners to connect with his music and get into the moods behind each song through sounds, instruments, melodies, harmonies and rhythms.
  6. Thefts continue throughout Kenya at an alarming rate; just last week another car was stolen in Nairobi after someone broke into the garage where it was parked while no one was home. One woman reported that she had stopped locking her door at night because she felt like it didn’t matter anymore since thieves would break in regardless. The police advise residents to lock their doors and windows when they leave the house unattended, even if only for a few minutes, as thefts can happen so quickly!

Latest market prices and business information

Market prices for cotton and rice have increased due to a recent storm that impacted the west coast.

The price for cotton has risen by 2% since last Friday, while rice has risen by 1%. As well, gas prices increased by 3%, with diesel prices also increasing. Finally, gold decreased in value by 1% while silver stayed at its current value. We will update you on any more changes in these markets as they happen. In other news, this evening our reporter Gudrun Hamnson was able to talk with an expert about how safe is it for children to go trick or treating this year.

He says it’s perfectly fine and encouraged parents not to be worried. Children should just be careful not go into dark areas or going home late if they are alone.

And finally here is your horoscope: Pisces – Tonight is a good night to relax, indulge yourself and enjoy life! You may feel nostalgic tonight which can make you feel sentimental. You may want to spend time reflecting on past relationships and experiences. Be mindful of what you say because there could be misunderstandings, so speak softly and don’t make rash decisions.

Have patience with yourself and others, listen attentively to what others are saying and avoid being judgmental or feeling self-righteous.

There may be some stressful emotions bubbling up today so find ways to release stress such as taking a walk outside or doing yoga indoors where possible.

Remember to keep boundaries, whether they’re personal, work or relationship boundaries. Consider asking for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed and reach out to friends and family members when you need support. Take care of yourself first before caring for anyone else as you might end up burning out faster than expected otherwise.

Make sure to set limits so that people know what is acceptable behaviour in your space so that everyone can feel comfortable and happy around each other. Use non-violent communication and mindfulness to calm down from anger or frustration.

Speak kindly with others and tell them what you need instead of expecting them to read your mind. Try talking things through instead of immediately resorting to harsh words or actions.

And finally, be patient and respectful even when faced with difficult situations.

Relationships and friendships will likely require extra attention but remember that it takes two to tango.

If something doesn’t work, let it go without guilt or regret.

Clear the air with what you really think and feel, giving a clear idea of what you’d like to happen next.

Find ways to forgive or forget whatever hurt or upset you so that it won’t poison your day. Appreciate the small moments and take advantage of every opportunity to do something positive for yourself, no matter how big or small.

Reach out for help and show compassion for others.

Whether it is empathy, kindness or understanding, give those who you love and care about the same respect that you would like to receive.

It is a full moon this evening and the moon will be fully visible from about 6:34pm.

A full moon is when the moon is closest to Earth and so it appears larger and brighter in the sky. When you see a full moon, it may feel as if you are drawn to stare up at it, especially if you are out with nature. Some cultures call this phenomenon moon gazing or moon watching. Many people will feel their mood change during a full moon cycle and they will experience stronger feelings of happiness or sadness. However, these feelings should not be underestimated as they can be quite strong, especially if you are on your period or near ovulation.

The only time this intensity might feel uncomfortable is after the second week of menstruation because it coincides with lower estrogen levels. So while all women will have some level of fluctuation, keep in mind that low hormone levels can make us more sensitive to any changes in emotions.

The best way to balance our hormones? Eat healthy foods, practice stress reduction techniques like meditation and breathing exercises, and get plenty of sleep.

Take time for yourself! You deserve it! Be there for others and you’ll be rewarded.

All the signs point towards looking ahead with hope and expectation; don’t look back, even if it’s easier.

Start by paying attention to your needs, don’t put them aside just because someone else has needs too – we all need things that fulfill us just as much as someone else does. Spend time exploring new things and experiences to find things that spark joy and keep living an active life outside of work or home responsibilities too.

Whatever you’re doing right now will shape your future – we can always find ways to improve upon what we’ve done before but tomorrow never comes, so live today well! Have an amazing day and let me know how you’re getting on! I’m on Twitter @Johnsmithkkk333 if you want to chat about anything 😉
This month seems like a game of mirrors, since so many astrological influences are present. Overall, you’re probably feeling a little more introspective about things this month – as is most of us at times. Take your time to evaluate everything in your life and choose what’s working for you, ditch what isn’t! Sometimes we don’t realise what’s getting in the way until we start clearing away the unnecessary things that weigh us down. Now is the perfect time to analyse where you see room for improvement and do what it takes to really make those improvements happen! But remember that it’s ok if things take longer than anticipated, Rome wasn’t built in a day (literally)! Give yourself credit for all the small steps you take forward instead of chastising yourself over mistakes – no one achieves greatness without first making mistakes. Keep going and soon enough, success will come knocking! Just focus on achieving something daily, whether it be a healthier diet or cutting out toxic relationships. Thats one day closer to when success comes knocking! Think of it as an exercise in mental fortitude – you might not get what you wanted overnight but if you stay strong, your faith will turn into results.

Try meditating for 10 minutes every morning to ground yourself and prepare for the day ahead and bring positive energy into each moment of your life! And lastly… allow people who love and care about you around. Afterall, who wouldn’t benefit from people being around them? Let me know how your week is going and I’ll tweet my thoughts out! What’s been the hardest thing for you to deal with lately and what’s made you feel better? Comment below and we’ll talk! I’ll send you a personal message on the site if you give me your username 🙂

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But according to Media this problem cannot just be solved by mere patience.

This generation deserves better education in order to meet the high demand in global labour markets. The KTN will continue to keep you informed on these developments.
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Weather information, updated by our expert meteorologists
It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Kenya today with highs around 30 degrees Celsius. It’s a perfect time to visit one of our many national parks, or go for a hike.

If you’re looking for something more exciting, come and watch the World Cup qualifying match between Kenya and Zimbabwe at Stadium.

The game starts at 5pm .

We hope to see you there! In the meantime, here are some other headlines from this morning:
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has been hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest during her speech at State House last night.

All fingers crossed she recovers soon.
Protesters blockaded Nairobi Central Business District roads as part of their demonstration against corruption and fuel shortages this morning. Some were arrested by police but eventually released when things died down after several hours.

A lot more peaceful than previous demonstrations which have seen over a dozen people die in riots so far this year alone! More protests coming up later this month though, so keep an eye out if you live in East Africa.
Update now playing on KTN NEWS LIVE UBDATE 22/9/2022: An interview with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and human rights activist Nadia Murad, speaking about ISIS’ sexual violence against Yazidi women like herself. She was abducted by ISIS militants back in 2014 before escaping from them four months later, and still faces threats even now that she’s safe.

Her foundation provides assistance to those who need it most and advocates for the Yazidi all over the world who remain under threat of violence or slavery – we’ll let you know what else she says about it all shortly! In the meantime, President Uhuru Kenyatta is visiting a girls school in Mombasa as part of his campaign pledge to expand access to education.

He made three promises while he was there: firstly, girls will be able to take academic exams in any language they want; secondly, any student who passes her exams will automatically be enrolled into high school; and thirdly, there will be free lunches for every girl attending. He plans to make similar pledges at schools across Kenya in the near future – do check back for updates on how he does! And finally, for all you cricket fans out there, Kenya are currently batting in the first innings of the World Cup qualifier against Zimbabwe. Kenya’s batting well at present, but there’s a lot of work to be done in the second innings.

Who knows how this game will end! But tune in to KTN and find out. It’s KTN NEWS LIVE UBDATE 22/9/2022, with all the news of the day. Today, weather in Kenya is a clear, bright day with highs at thirty degrees Celsius. It’s a great day to head to the country’s numerous national parks or hike, and to attend the World Cup qualifying match between Kenya and Zimbabwe at Stadium.

You can also check out the story of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad on KTN! With all this going on, why don’t you follow KTN for the best in up-to-the minute news?

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You may have seen many ads recently – this is because advertisers are becoming more creative in their marketing campaigns.

One popular trend is adding captions to images. For example, instead of just showing a picture of pasta,

the company might add You deserve to treat yourself.

These kinds of captions are used to convince consumers that they need a particular product and make them believe it will make them happier.

The internet offers many different ways for advertising companies to advertise their products online through videos, articles and blog posts among others.

Sometimes there are sponsored posts where brands pay bloggers or journalists money in exchange for positive reviews on their products.

It should also be noted that advertisements aren’t only found online – one popular way companies advertise offline is through billboards near roads or other busy places where people can’t escape without seeing the advertisement.

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