How to Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report

For no cost, you can correct errors or remove outdated products. The Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the customer reporting company and the information and fact provider (i.e. the person, business enterprise or organization who provides information and facts about you, to a customer reporting agency) be responsible for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information or facts in your report. Contact the customer information and fact provider and business to learn more about your rights under this law.

Step 1.
Tell the customer reporting company in writing what information you believe to be incorrect. Attach copies (NOT the originals) of any documents that support your position. Your complete name and address should be included in your letter. You must clearly identify each item in your report you disagree with, explain why, and ask that it is removed or corrected. Attach a copy of the report with the products in question circled. You can send your letter via certified mail with the subject “receipt required” so that you can track what was received by the customer reporting company. Keep copies of your dispute letter, and any attachments.

Customer reporting companies should investigate the matter within 30 days, unless they consider your dispute frivolous. The customer reporting firm must also relay any information that you provide about the inaccuracy back to the source of the information and facts. The information and facts provider should review the notice of dispute received from the customer reporting company, and then report the benefits to it. If the provider of information and facts finds incorrect information or facts, they should inform the three National Customer Info Societies to correct the file.

If the investigation is thorough, the customer reporting company must give you written notices and a copy of your report for any dispute. The Customer Intelligence Corporation cannot return any disputed information or facts to your file if it has been edited or deleted. This is only if the provider of the information and facts verifies that it is accurate and complete. You should be notified by the customer reporting business that the provider of the information will send you a notice with the details such as the name, address, and number. The customer reporting business must send notices of corrections to anyone who received your report within the last six months if you ask. Any person who received your report within the last two years can request a corrected copy.

If the investigation fails to resolve your dispute with Customer Reporting Corporation you can request that a Dispute Statut be included in your file and in future reporting. The customer reporting company can offer your statement to anyone who has seen a copy of your credit reports in the past. This service will cost you a fee.

Second step

Tell the creditor, or any other provider of information and facts, in writing that you have a dispute. Make sure to have copies of any documents that support your position, and not originals. A few suppliers will specify an address for disputes. The supplier should include notice of your dispute if they report the item to a customer reporting company. If the supplier reports the item to a customer reporting business, they should include notice of your dispute.

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