Hockey fans will finally get a fix at world junior championship

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“Doing the world junior is hard because you’ve never seen these players before,” he added. “If you called me at 4 o’clock today and told me to go down and call the Montreal (Canadiens) game tonight I could do it. It wouldn’t be great, but I could do it. You could not do that with a world junior game because you don’t know the players. So that’s one of the great things about it.”

What’s going to make this year’s tournament even harder is that Miller — and the players — will be living in a hotel bubble. Miller has experience after living in the Toronto bubble during the NHL playoffs.

“I was a bit surprised at how difficult mentally it is,” he said about the Toronto experience. “It’s a mental grind being in there because you literally can’t go anywhere else. You look out your window, in my case it was August and September in Toronto, and I’m looking out the window of the Royal York (hotel) and seeing people biking by and walking by, going for dinner and all those things. You can’t do those things. I’d never complain about it, obviously, because you’re happy to be working. But mentally it’s very difficult. It’s hard to be in that sort of sealed environment for that long.

“It’s going to be different in Edmonton,” Miller added. “Obviously, it’s going to be colder. I could sit outside in the bubble in Toronto, but we won’t be doing much of that in Edmonton. But we’ll be really busy. I think it will be great to be back working.”

It will also be great for fans to be able to watch hockey again.

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