Free annual credit report. Why you need to get yours

It is important to have a copy of your credit report before you make any major purchases such as furniture, an automobile, or a house. It can help or hinder your ability to obtain credit based on the information on your credit file. You might not be aware of any errors or misinformation on your credit report, which could prevent lenders from offering you credit.

Avoiding identity theft is another way to obtain your credit report. Most people have heard of the growing problem of identity theft. You are potentially exposing yourself to identity theft by giving out personal details online or over the phone. This can cause credit damage and even take years to correct. Many scammers pose as respected merchants and ask for your private information. You need to ensure that you only shop with trusted retailers and understand what information they allow you to request. This will help you protect yourself. An excellent tip for online shopping is to start with https:. This indicates that the safest site is the one most likely not to be hacked. You can tell that it is safe by the “s” at end of HTTP. This is important when you are shopping online or if you need to perform organization services such as bill payment or banking on-line.

It is important to know exactly what was reported regarding your credit history. Merchants most often use Equifax, Trans Union and Experian to report their payment history. Each agency has its own website where you can request a copy your credit report. There may be a small fee to obtain your credit report. However, this can vary from one state to the next. These web pages also allow you to dispute articles online. It all depends on the reporting agency and the enterprise that it was reported to. However, it can take time to correct errors.

A law was passed which allows everyone to get one free copy of their credit reports each year. The official web-site to order a copy of your report is You can also submit a letter to confirm that you were denied credit.

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